Classified Ad Submissions

Classified Ad Submissions are excellent for online exposure and S.E.O. purposes. Each Classified Ad Submission not only puts your desired Ad’s directly in front of your prospects, but also creates keyword rich relevant content and 100’s to 1000’s of one way links back to your website. These links are extremely powerful because in Google’s eyes they are considered an endorsement that your site is front page worthy. The more one way links or endorsements your site has the easier it is to obtain or maintain first page placement on Google and other major search engines.

We have over 4000 Classified Ad sites that we can submit you to each with a large variety of categories. Almost all the Classified Ad sites will have a category that is relevant to your needs and our software is designed to always provide you with the most relevant category for each submission. All you do is to provide us with the content of your Classified Ad and we do the rest. Just like all our submission services we’ll provide you with a detailed Excel Spreadsheet list of every single website we have submitted you to including login information, website, and category.

Unlike our other submitting services, each of our Classified Ad Submissions expire after 30 days.

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