4 Important Things To Watch Out For When Hiring an SEO Company

4 Important Things To Watch Out For When Hiring an SEO Company

4 Important Things To Watch Out For When Hiring an SEO Company
By Erick B Carlson

Are they building high-quality links?
Do they even let you see where they are building the links? High-quality links are the only way that Google is going to view you as an authority in your field. Google wants to do away with sites that are getting links from low-quality sites and give better rankings to sites that get links from high-ranking authority sites. If your Search Engine Optimization Company won’t tell you where they are building your link’s, it’s a pretty good chance that they are using non-white hat link building techniques that will lower the value and authority of your site.

Are they handling the new Google algorithm updates properly?
Google just unleashed another algorithm update that SEO guys need to look out for, this one is called the Hummingbird Update. All this means is that Google is changing the way it at your site, they are now looking for Question/Answers, Schema Markup, Mobile Site Optimization, and Page Speed. Basically, they are looking for sites that create the most value for the user. They don’t want to waste people’s time with searches that don’t give the user what they are looking for. Google is trying really hard to make sure people get the right result on the first click.

Are they incorporating social media?
Google is starting to incorporate social media shares into its algorithms. Getting social media shares, especially Google + 1’s, are extremely important in order to get Google to view your website as an authority in your field. Facebook likes and Twitter followers are important too because Google knows that people usually only share a product when they like it and want to tell someone. Make sure they are not buying your followers. Google can tell when someone likes your page and then never returns.

Are they overcharging you?
Make sure you find out how many actual hours they are going to be working on your site or building backlinks. We have seen companies charge up to 1,000 dollars and they only spent 11 total hours working on the site and building links. It is up to every SEO company what they charge, but 100 dollars an hour seems pretty ridiculous. Most companies will be upfront with you about the number of hours they spend on the site. Make sure and ask if they don’t. The last thing you want to do is get charged 1,000 for next to nothing.

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