5 Image Optimization Tips for On-Page SEO

5 Image Optimization Tips for On-Page SEO

Image Optimization Tips: Why you must optimize every image you use on your website or blog?

On-page SEO Benefits of properly optimized pictures attached to your blog posts:

There are lots of benefits of optimizing your blog images. But, i would certainly mentions some as given below…

  • Usage of well optimized images in your blog posts could be the reason to extra-enhanced visibility of your content, and hence an added boost search engine ranking and traffic for your site.
  • Various major and small search engines are always eager to discover new images whenever found. So, this could be site wide very beneficial.
  • Using keywords in your images improves the overall keyword optimization for any blog post.
  • You can get free backlinks and referral traffic by just posting your images in many of image search engine sites. Like, Pinterest, Flickr, Likes.com, allow a link back to your image post.
  • Image optimization helps in making indexing of your content easier and faster by Google and other image search engines.


5 Ways to Optimize Images for Better SEO:

Most online marketers place a lot of emphasis on the keyword text when they want to optimize content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What they fail to realize is the fact that images too need to be optimized for SEO to ensure the site ranks high among search engines.

Over the past four months, Google has made about 10 algorithm changes. In addition to that, keyword data is increasingly becoming harder to find and therefore it is important for marketers to find other ways of optimizing content for SEO.

So, what are some of the ways in which you can optimize images for better SEO?

Read on for list of ways…



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