Facebook Tops YouTube for Branded Video Ads According to New Study

A study by Clinch Finds that Brand Marketers are Investing in Social Platforms but Aren’t Necessarily Leveraging the Right Creative to Maximize ROI.

Top marketers know that digital video is one of the most powerful tools to increase consumer engagement and brand loyalty.  In fact, according to a new study from Clinch, a creative technology company that powers dynamic, personalized video advertising, brand marketers are ramping up their production of digital videos with an emphasis on creating campaigns specifically for Facebook and YouTube.  However, their lack of investment on personalized creative for each platform may put them at a disadvantage.

Video Marketing on Social Media
Clinch Video Ads Data


The study found that 78 percent of marketers plan to increase their production of video ads in 2018, while only 43 percent of marketers plan to increase their production of static banner ads this year…

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