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G Suite is dead, long live Google Workspace

The transition to a less siloed model, according to Google, is the product of years of incremental evolution, now codified under the new Google Workspace branding.

The shift will also be marked with a shiny new set of multi-colored icons (in keeping with the Google logo color scheme), consistent across the product range.

“10 years ago, when many of our products were first developed, they were created as individual apps that solved distinct challenges. Over time, our products have become more integrated, so much so that the lines between our apps have started to disappear,” wrote Javier Soltero, VP and GM, Google Workspace.

“Our new Google Workspace brand reflects this more connected, helpful and flexible experience, and our icons will reflect the same.”

The change also coincides with a fundamental shift in the way staff collaborate with one another, catalysed (if not caused) by the global pandemic.

“This is the end of the ‘office’ as we know it. From here on out, teams need to thrive without meeting in person, protect their time to focus on the most impactful work, and build human connection in new ways,” Soltero added.

“Google Workspace gives people a familiar, fully integrated user experience that helps everyone succeed in this new reality – whether you’re in an office, working from home, on the frontlines, or engaging with customers.”

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