Meet Our C.E.O.

Meet Our C.E.O.
Neil Sargisian – C.E.O. – Local Online Business Development, LLC

Neil Sargisian is an EntrepreneurVisionaryBusiness Owner, and an Expert Business Strategist.

For the past decade I have shared my experience in business development, online advertising, and public communications with major corporations globally.  My proven track record of increasing business, reducing costs, and streamlining operations in a wide range of situations has given me the distinct opportunities of working with some of the most renowned business leaders around the world.

I have achieved great notoriety by introducing and implementing a variety of methods and systems to well-known companies.  Globally sought after as an expert business strategist, marketing consultant, and SEO specialist, my strategic alignments have benefited companies in a wide variety of industries, which have formed long-lasting business partnerships.

My current company Local Online Business Development, LLC. also runs under the DBA: JEDI WEB SERVICES and has affiliates across the nation and is expanding through new business ventures across the nation. Headquartered in Henderson, NV and now just recently opened another office headquarters in Broomfield, CO (20 mins from downtown Denver).  Aside from being an active owner in my own company, I work as a strategic adviser for many C.E.O.’s and business owners internationally assisting them with building successful businesses again and again by implementing proven business strategies.

My newest company Ecom Economics, LLC. is an E-Commerce Investment Firm specializing in Branding, WordPress, WooCommerce, and S.E.O.  I launched a new brand of Android TV Boxes Nov. 20th 2016.  It is called the FOMOstream Android SMART TV Box | HD, 4K, and 3D Streaming Media Player.  People are RAVING about it!

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