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Top 10 Websites to Download Free Software Programs-2018

Useful Websites for your computer: Top 10 Websites to Download Software Free.

The Websites listed here are the ones among the best websites on the Internet to download free software and desktop computer programs for free use, personally or professionally! ( though they might not be free for commercial purpose).

These software downloading websites offer great software and programs that are free to use for webmasters, developers, technical people, bloggers, Students, designers, and professional people.

You can download free software programs to use on your PC, Mac, Mobile devices, Portable devices, PDAs, Laptops, Notebooks, Blackberry, iPhone, etc.

These websites offer you the features which allow you to browse software as per many different categories based on the operating systems for your computer systems, Such as :
Freeware/Trial based/Paid version/Number of downloads, etc.

Main Features:

1. Most of the top software websites arrange their downloadables in a way that tells you which is the most downloaded program in a specific category. You can also read the comments and feedbacks posted by downloaders of that particular program.

2. You can view ratings, rankings, and reviews for these software programs updated by users, editors, and publishers of the listed programs.

3. The freeware software programs available on these websites for downloading are pre-scanned by for any type of harmful malware, virus, trojans, errors, etc. Hence, software downloading process from these websites is safe, secure, and risk-free for your computer system.


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