Top 5 SEO Tips and Tricks

Top 5 SEO Tips and Tricks

Top 5 SEO Tips and Tricks


1. Build Links – I know you probably hear this all the time but that’s because it’s one of the best SEO tips and tricks in the SEO world right now.  Building links is simply having another site link to yours.  The best way I have found to build links is by article marketing.  Article marketing through sites like and linking back to relevant content on your site.  Article marketing is somewhat different than posting links on any site.  You have to come up with a way to write about your business without directly promoting it.  I know that sounds funny but it’s true.  They will not allow any self-promotion but if you create content that is relevant to the content that is on your site then you can write about that. An example is a top ten list of tips and tricks for a business.  This is an example of an article I created about storage units.

2. Write Articles– Writing articles is a very difficult task for some people but it is so worth it.  The amount of backlink juice you can get from an Ezine Articles placement is amazing.  I went from page 3 to page 1 in a matter of days after getting a successful submission to their site.  It took me 3 articles before I finally got one place but like I said the amount of juice to your site you get makes it all worth-while. I also offer an article writing service for SEO purposes here

 Seo Tips and Tricks

3. Create Blogs– Create blogs kind of like this one.  This blog is simply to drive traffic to the site that I am Seo-ing for.  Not sure if that is a word or not but it works for me.  You get the point. Make a blog using keywords that are related to your business.  You can create articles to link to your blog as well and I actually suggest linking the article to your blog first and then linking your blog to your website.  Using a free blog creator like is a great way to start out with ranking already.  Just use the right keywords that bring in strong amounts of traffic to your blog.  Use the Google Ad words keyword tool.  Even without linking articles to your blog, linking from your blog to your website will give you so good ranking juice too.

4. Make Mini Websites– Make miniature websites using free website builders.  Website builders like already have a PR ranking of 3 so just create relevant content to your business and when you link that back to your real website, you get even more link juice.  Just type in free website builder on Google search and you will find tons of them.

5. Post In Forums Related To Your Business– Type in what kind of business you have and put forum right next to it.  Example: For Storage Auctions, I would type in Storage Auction Forums.  You want to find forums that are related to your business that you can post in and most importantly post links in.  Always read the forum rules before posting.  Some sites will make you wait until you have submitted a certain number of posts.  Usually no more than 50 or so.  Don’t be a spammer though.  Answer people’s questions and interact with people in a human-like way.  Don’t post the same message in every forum.


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